TRAINING SO FAR 29/09/2020

The training sessions since the lengthy return to the water have been designed in a manner to get the fitness levels back to where they were pre COVID as quickly and safely as possible. I know some of you are finding them tough but nearly all in the team are ahead of schedule which is remarkable given the time out from the water.

I have been very impressed with the resilience shown and it never ceases to amaze me how much effort you all put in to your swimming. Despite the hard sets the smiles are all back and talking to a lot of the parents they agree with me they you are a great bunch to coach. That does not mean to say you ease up though.

The sets are all designed to make sure that when we compete again you will be able to not only cope but hopefully start breaking your personal bests again. I feel sure that will be the case so just keep up the hard work and as usual if you are not sure about anything just ask.

At the moment I am concentrating on fitness levels rather than stroke technique however hopefully when restrictions improve then this aspect will also be focused upon. In the meantime myself or Susan will still pick up where we can any strokes that need slight adjustment in the longer sets issued to you.

I felt it would help you all just to give you feedback in this report that everyone is working really hard and I am so pleased at the manner in which you all train. So please keep it up as you know it makes sense.

Colin Galbraith Head Coach Scorpion Swim Team

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