Encouraging signs 21/09/2029

It is great that we are back at long last in the pool albeit things are a bit strange with the COVID restrictions.
As all of you have been out the water for some time it was always going to be tough to get you back to where you were fitness wise before the lengthy lay off. I have to say however that the effort put in to training so far and also the level of fitness is not actually that bad at all in fact I am encouraged by the dedication you have shown so far,

It will take time to regain your top level of fitness however there is a plan in place to do so and there is no need to worry on that front ( provided you all stick to the sets). It is so nice to see all of you back and enjoying getting back in the water and as I have said on numerous occasions you are a delight to coach.

If any of you are struggling then please let myself or Susan know and we will do all we can to make life as easy as possible for you. Please remember to bring both water bottles with you as I cannot stress enough the importance of staying hydrated.

Any way that’s all for now keep training hard and you will get to where you want to be ready for competing next year.

Colin Galbraith Head coach Scorpion Swim Team

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