We had quite a few call offs from this gala which was a shame as the new track starts covered in training coupled with the back plates on the blocks at Glenrothes makes this a fast swimming pool.

Indeed for the first time ever I am lost for words as nearly every swim both in the morning and in the afternoon produced personal bests. In the morning as our swimmers were doing so well the team even got praise from the announcer commenting on the number of fast swimmers being brought through the club. That’s the first time in our 11 years we have had that happen to us and we were so proud of this comment as it takes something very special to get noticed especially in the quality of field at this competition.

There was two club records set which was elliot’s 100backstroke which lowered his existing record to 1.20 and as he was 8th overall he received a medal. Jasper set a new 14 year old fly record. The boys had as usual to wait to the end of the gala for their 100 free swims and the girls stayed on to cheer them on helping Elliot to lower his 1.07 time and Jasper pushing him all the way with a 1.08 outstanding by both of them. Ellie Anderson had two personal bests on her 50 free and 50 breast both very good swims. Cambelle hit 45 on her 50 breast and got fourth overall and a medal which given the hard meet was some achievement.

Swimmer of the day was Summer – very fast time on her backstroke, 100 IM followed by a personal best on her 50 breast and last but by no means least clocking a very low 38 on her free and that was posted from lane 1!! At one point nearing the finish of her race she was heading for a 36 but just ran out of steam understandable given the long day. Cambelle would have posted 38/39 but drifted in at the last moment again she will break these times very soon.

So the full list of times are as follows Ellie A 50 breast 58.80 (pb 1.12) 50 free 44.55 (2 sec pb) Elliot 100 back 1.17.28 (1.29pb) 100 free 1.07.75 (pb 0.09) Summer 100 I’m 1.42.94 (pb 5.25) 50 back 45.97 (pb 1.74) 50 breast 56.56 (pb 17.57) 50 free 38.17 (pb 5.39) Cambelle 50 back 44.22 (pb 1.26) 50 breast 45.99 (pb 0.53) 50 free 40.29 Jasper 100 fly 1.22.98 (pb 1.93)100 free 1.08.54 (pb 1.52).

In my time as head coach of the club I have always been impressed by how well our swimmers do at galas but hand on heart nothing prepared me for the times posted in all the swims at this meet especially as most had only been achieved on the 1st February! . It just goes to show we may only have had four swimmers in the morning and five in the afternoon but as the heading shows it was nothing short of remarkable what happened at this meet. I think the blocks with the back plates and the fact we are now all track starting helped but it’s not just down to that it’s down to a combination of god given talent, hard work, and the ability to listen and learn on all the wee things that make all the difference in training.

So all in all this was just outstanding, awesome and class swimming at its very best and as usual so proud of all of you for showing everyone what can be achieved. Keep up the fantastic work and I can honestly say that this is the start of something very special.

Colin Galbraith

Headcoach Scorpion Swim Team

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